Daily tours to Luxor

Start your full day with a excursion to the Necropolis of Thebes, on the Eastern bank. Then cross the river and drive to the Valley of Kings and visit the tombs of pharaohs of different dynasties and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Deir El Bahari). 

On the way back, visit the Colossal of Memnon, the two gigantic sitting statues that represent Amenophis III facing the Nile.

Price: Only US$ 65 per person

Option 2 - Full day tour to the East Bank.
(Luxor Temple & Karnak Temple)

Start your full day visiting the Eastern Bank. At Luxor Temple gaze at its courtyard and the amazing granite statues of Ramses II. With a choice of carriage or bus go to the Karnak Temple, a large complex with a series of temples that were built in different reigns. Start at the avenue of sphinxes and visit the unfinished propylon, the hypostyle hall and its 134 gigantic columns, the obelisks of queen Hatshepsut and Tutomosis III, the temple of Amon, beautifully adorned with lotus and papyrus designs, the granite scarb of Amenophis III and the sacred lake.

Price: Only US$ 65 per person

Option 3 - Sound & Light Show at the Karnak Temple.

We will take you from your hotel to the Sound & Light Show at the Karnak Temple before the show starts. After the show finishes, we will take you back to your hotel.

This tour includes all transfers and ticket to the Sound & Light Show.

Price: Only US$ 35 per person

Option 4 - Luxor by night with horse carriage ride.

Take a charming horse carriage ride for half an hour around the streets of Luxor and discover how beautiful this city is at night.

Price: Only US$ 30 per person






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