Budget daily tours to Aswan

Option 1 - Full day tour to Abu Simbel Temple

Abul Simbel was built by Ramses II during the 19th dynasty. It is one of the glories of the ancient Egyptian monuments and it was saved from the inundation of the Nile waters. The temple is built out of a sandstone and it has depicted deities carved on its huge facade. Nearby lies a small temple of the king's wife, Nefertari,and it was dedicated to the goddess Hathor. 
Abul Simbel can be reached by plane or bus.

Price by bus: Only US$ 70 per person

Price by plane: Only US$ 180 per person

Option 2 - Full day tour to the High Dam + Philae Temple

Visit the High Dam and the Philae Temple that was removed from its original island of Philae (Now it is submerged by the waters of Lake Nasser during most times in the year).
The Philae Temple can only be reached by motor boat as it is located on an island.

Price: Only US$ 50 per person

Option 3 - Aswan by night with horse carriage ride.

Take a charming horse carriage ride for half an hour around the streets of Aswan and discover how beautiful this city is at night.

Price: Only US$ 25 per person

Option 4 - Sound & Light Show at Philae Temple

Experience the Philae Temple in a very unique way, enjoying the Sound and Light show. Price includes transfers and ticket.

Price: Only US$ 35 per person

Option 5 - Visit to the Nubian Village

Visit one of the most beautiful and traditional villages in Egypt.

Price: Only US$ 35 per person






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